I, Bishal Rajwar, am a Blogger living in Kathmandu, Nepal. I have a degree in Social Work From Mid Western University and some Vocational Training In information Technology. Currently, I’m Freelancing and repairing Computer systems at GegreSoft.

Writing articles is hard, but repairing Computers is fun. I made this site so I would be able to do both. I have to tip my hat to my seniors from whom I found a great deal of inspiration. Inside the door of the website, you will find many interesting and informative articles to read in this blog.

Nothing brings me more pleasure than making something out of nothing. Even when the results are far from my ideal expectations, I find the whole ceremony of creativity completely enthralling.

I am a very calm-minded person that I like to visit natural places that are far from noisy cities and I also love to write, read spiritual books, love music, sports, etc.

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